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THIS IS AWESOME! smile Have you seen Mike's video "LET THERE BE LIGHT" from The Songs Of Distant Earth album?

Well, look and listen carefully...it starts with sounds of "water" (from the Original Waters named in the Genesis Book, that's why "baptism" is symbolic) and there are also some sounds (mostly thought as meaningless) made by "dolphins".

Then you listen to the extract from the Genesis Book: In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light" and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good...(spoken by Lunar Module Pilot Wiiliam Anders, from the Apollo 8 crew live television broadcast, made when the first manned mission to the moon entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 1968

Later you see lots of angels http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel
around like coming to Earth, also many rays (batoidea) and every angel is on a serpent, kind of dragon. But among those serpents there is one which is the biggest (you see it when the sky turns into red). People start looking up in the sky, also in the beach a woman and a man are looking amazed at what they are actually "seeing". Pay attention to a board where it says "oceans" (connected to "water". You know, Mike Oldfield has always introduced water sounds in many of his compositions, including images of water or oceans in CD's front and back covers such as Tubular Bells, Incantations, Earth Moving, Amarok, Tubular Bells 2003, The Millennium Bell to name a few).

Afterwards, you see some sirens/mermaids!!! (connected to the "Igigi" in ancient Sumeria, or Oannes, half man-half fish who came to Earth to create and teach mankind. All ancient cultures make reference to this people that came from the Sky and taught and instructed wisdom to human beings. In India you see many pictures of Shiva and other gods sorrounded by SERPENTS or VIPERS (they are sacred). Also in Mexico "Quetzlcoatl" The Winged Serpent (actually Winged Mermaid). Also in China with Dragons. In ancient Egipt, Nehebkau ("he who harnesses the souls") was the serpent god who guarded the entrance to the underworld.

Nowadays the symbol of the serpents is connected to a medical symbolism. Also Dogon people in Africa describe these people who came from the Sky in their oral folklore and tradition. The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe "had drunk of his body," the Nommo also made men drink. He gave all his life principles to human beings." The Nommo was crucified on a tree, but was resurrected and returned to his home world.
Dogon legend has it that he will return in the future to revisit the Earth in a human form.

The Nommos bear some physical resemblance to several other mythological beings: the Oannes (Babylon), the Enki (Sumeria), Fuxi (China), Dagon (Philistine), and Nereus (Greece), to name a few. It is also interesting to note the motifs common to the story of Nommo with the story of Osiris. There are also numerous parallels between the story of Nommo and the traditions of Jesus Christ: both were crucified, both instructed followers to 'drink of my body', and both were associated with the fish.


Also many Osiris (Egipt) paintings show him as a green man... Now that I think about it...remember Mike in Knebworth Festival in a green tracksuit? smile Or Serprent's Dream in Tubular Bells III? Or Heaven's Open cover with three doves, an egg and a serpent?

Retaking the subject on the video, then you see a really huge Angel and people is trying to hold him with ropes so as He stays here. Next you see a school bus and kids getting off...A woman leads them to a ring that takes them to another "dimension". Lots of Spheres and Circles spinning around and every Angel has a sphere. Mike wants to show us here that actually Angels are Spheres (music from the Spheres), Elohim (Sons of God). Many of those strange things represent "metals".

Next a black man appears and we see seven (number seven is also a Kabbalistic number meaning "perfection") men on bikes going not on a pavement but on water (against the tide?). Then...Mike's face and inside you see some buildings...and again Mike's head with his hand on one of his cheeks... Some eggs below him and one is broken...lots of butterflies flying!!! So beautiful!!! fröhlich

Then a circle (sacred geometry, represents God, Oneness, The All, or Phi) and a holy man in it celebrating a contact with God.


Later, a butterfly leads us to a volcanoe in eruption, meaning God's power is about to "explode" or in other words "God's power soon to be known".
Then we see a beach with many people looking again up in the Sky with their mouth wide opened. A red box on the sand says: The Ark (The Ark of the Covenant i.e. God), also related to Christ and the rest of the Angels. Oh beautiful scene!!!!!! Lots of angels holding hands and many Suns/Stars.


People open the Ark and... a huge Serpent comes out. The Snake represents God in Judgement Day. All the people are running, scared and surprised... According to the Apokalipse Book of John/Jesus (apokalipse means Revelation in Greek) says that God will make justice and point the finger at those who have bad hearts.
What we see next is a man on stilts who happens to put on his hat with the colours of the United States flag. Then there is a boy and many other figures like little white boys and other thingies in light blue (it reminds me of the national colours of Argentinean flag: white and light blue).

Finally, the boy turns into green and the next beautiful scene ends with those children who are born from eggs in the water going up to the surface (that's why the symbol of Easter eggs; Eostre, many linguists agree that Eostre and Ostara are derived from the Old Teutonic root 'aew-s', 'illuminate, especially of daybreak' and closely related to (a)wes-ter- 'dawn servant', the morning star Venus and *austrôn-, meaning "dawn". Similar words, which it has been suggested are variations of Eostre's name, include Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Estre, Eostre, Eoster, Eostra, Eastre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron, Aurora, and Ausos. There is no certain parallel to Eostre in Old Norse though Grimm speculates that a "spirit of light" named Austri from the Eddas might be related. Oestrogen actually derives directly from the word oestrus. The name Eostre also bears some resemblance to the name Ishtar, a Babylonian goddess. Other variants on Ishtar include Astarte and Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Isis, Mary Magdalene) .

Pagan fertility festivals at the time of the Spring equinox were common- it was believed that at this time, male and female energies were balanced.
The colored eggs are of another, even more ancient origin. The eggs associated with this and other Vernal festivals have been symbols of rebirth and fertility for so long the precise roots of the tradition are unknown, and may date to the beginning of human civilization. Ancient Romans and Greeks used eggs as symbols of fertility, rebirth (also the phoenix), and abundance- eggs were solar symbols, and figured in the festivals of numerous resurrected gods. Remember that God's symbol is also the Sun Star. That's why all the ancient cultures worshiped the Sun, like Sumerians, Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Egiptians, etc.etc.

This last scene also means how angels were born in the Original Waters.




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