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Other "emblematic songs and albums" to take into account.

*Taurus I, II & III. Mike Oldfield is giving us some information about his own life. As we all know he was born under Taurus star sign (May 15th). But why did he decide to make a kind of "saga" with his Taurus I, II and III? There is an explanation...Many scholars have made a comparison between Jesus Christ and Osiris. Both of them have a lot in common, both of them did miracles, had a wife (Isis-Mary Magdalene), had children (son Horus-Akhenaton, daughter Sarah or Molly) and were resurrected by his wife (Isis-Mary Magdalene). Remember that Osiris was also known as the Apis (Heavenly Bull-Taurus) Ptah-Osiris (he had many names according to the regions because he was a "foreigner" i.e. Osiris wasn't born in Egipt).

So taking into account all of this we have a connection: Taurus I (Osiris-Tutankhamon), Taurus II (Jesus Christ), Taurus III (Mike Oldfield).

Take a look at these parallels:

Dionysus, a Greek God, and Osiris, an Egyptian God were viewed as mythical characters. Osiris may have been the first god-man. His story has been found recorded in pyramid texts which were written prior to 2,500 BCE. These and other saviors were truly interchangeable. Coins have been found with Dionysus on one side and Mithras on the other. A person who was initiated into one of the mysteries had no difficulty switching to another Pagan mystery religion.

In the 3rd century CE, these god-men were referred to by the composite name "Osiris-Dionysus." Authors Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy have used this term in their book "The Jesus Mysteries."

Life events shared by Osiris, Dionysus and Jesus

The following stories appear both in the Gospels and in the myths of many of the god-men:

-God was his father. This was believed to be literally true in the case of Osiris-Dionysus; their God came to earth and engaged in sexual intercourse with a human. The father of Jesus is God in the form of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18.
-A human woman, a virgin, was his mother.

-He was born in a cave or cowshed. Luke 2:7 mentions that Jesus was placed in a manger - an eating trough for animals. One early Christian tradition said that the manger was in a cave.
-His birth was prophesized by a star in the heavens.

-At a marriage ceremony, he performed the miracle of converting water into wine.
-He was powerless to perform miracles in his home town.
-His followers were born-again through baptism in water.
-He rode triumphantly into a city on a donkey. Tradition records that the inhabitants waved palm leaves.
-He had 12 disciples.
-He was accused of licentious behavior.

-He was killed near the time of the Vernal Equinox, about MAR-21.
-He died "as a sacrifice for the sins of the world." 1
-He was hung on a tree, stake, or cross.
-After death, he descended into hell.
-On the third day after his death, he returned to life.
-The cave where he was laid was visited by three of his female followers
-He later ascended to heaven.

-God made flesh.
-Savior of the world.
-Son of God.

-He is "God made man," and equal to the Father.
-He will return in the last days.
-He will judge the human race at that time.
-Humans are separated from God by original sin. The god-man's sacrificial death reunites the believer with God and atones for the original sin.

All of the Pagan myths had been circulating for centuries before Jesus birth (circa 4 to 7 BCE). It is obvious that if any copying occurred, it was the followers of Jesus incorporating into his biography the myths and legends of Osiris-Dionysus, not vice-versa.



*QE2: Queen Elizabeth II...this is an allegory which its real meaning is Mary Magdalene. Why? Because, as Christ, his wife also incarnated three times. First Queen was Isis, second Queen was Mary Magdalene and third Queen is "Standing Star" or "Butterfly" who was born in "High Places". And whose real name is Michael Oldfield (Sirius in the Universe). In of the texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library clearly says:... "the son shall have his mother/father's name who shall come from the Hight..."

*Five Miles Out: This is again quite a furious, rebel and a protest song. It's about Jesus Christ Passion. He had to walk five miles carring part of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa (Latin for "Way of Grief" is a street in the Old City of Jerusalem. Traditionally, it is held to be the path that Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion, although this is uncertain. It is marked by nine of the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The last five stations are inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) , many times he fell down and even some people tried to help him (one man helped him to carry the Cross, a woman cleaned his face with a cloth and tried to give him some water.

*During the scourging scene Jesus is nearly flayed alive, back and front, by a variety of whip implements, some with embedded shells, glass and nails. The Gospels state only that he was scourged (see flagellation), though they do state that Christ was "almost unrecognizable" after that day.

*After the scourging, Mary wipes up the blood of Jesus with towels provided by Pilate's wife. (Emmerich, chapter 23.)

*Along the Via Dolorosa, Jesus is repeatedly rope whipped by a trailing Roman soldier.

*Simon of Cyrene, who helps Jesus carry the cross and puts his arm around him, is debased, treated poorly by a Roman soldier, and called Jew with a sneer. Only Simon's name, place of origin, and the fact that he helped Jesus carry the cross are in all three Synoptic Gospels. (Cf. Emmerich, chapter 36.)

*Along the Via Dolorosa, the image of Jesus' face is transferred to a cloth given to him by a woman. This event does not appear in any Bible narrative, but is a depiction of the Roman Catholic tradition of Veronica's Veil. (Emmerich, chapter 34, which also includes her offering Jesus a drink.)

*While travelling along the Via Dolorosa, Jesus falls under the weight of the cross three times. Also, Mary goes to Jesus so that she may comfort him. Though these events are traditionally accepted in the Roman Catholic Church as part of the Stations of the Cross, they are never mentioned in the Gospels; however, Simon of Cyrene was compelled to complete the task of carrying Jesus' cross (which is mentioned in the Gospels). (Emmerich describes seven falls and also the encounter with Mary, chapters 31–36.)


Five Miles Out

falling, falling

What do you do when your falling you've got 30 degrees and your
stalling out
And its 24 miles to the beacon there's a crack in the sky and the
warnings out

Don't take that dive again
Push through that band of rain

Five miles out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out
Your number 1 anticipating you

Climbing out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out
Your number 1 anticipating you

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
Calling all stations
This is Golf Mike Oscar Victor Juliet
In great difficulty

The traffic controller is calling
Victor Juliet your identity
I have lost in the violet storm
Communicate or squalk emergency

Don't take that dive again
Push through that band of rain

Lost in Static 18
And the storm is closing in now
Automatic 18 - Got to push through - Trapped in living hell

Your a prisoner of the dark sky
The propeller blades are still
And the evil eye of the hurricane's
Coming in now for the kill

Our hope's with you - Rider in the blue

Welcome's waiting, We're anticipating
You'll be celebrating, when you're down, and breaking

Climbing out - climbing climbing
Five miles out - climbing climbing

Five miles out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out
Climbing Climbing

Five miles out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out
Climbing Climbing

Climbing out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out
Climbing Climbing

Five miles out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out
Climbing Climbing

Climbing out
Just hold your heading true
Got to get your finest out.



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