Mike Oldfield - Selected Works (Promo acetate CD-R)
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I've just found on EIL a rare UK promo acetate CD-R named Selected Works by EMI UK.

It's a 15-track CD divided into three different sections (Hits, Rock, Atmospheres). Tracklisting and description here:

MOWD - Selected Works

Did anybody know about this release at all? It seems like a one-off or really limited handmade promo acetate CD-R as labels used to did in the early 2000s. But I had never seen that one.

The 1998 year is not confirmed, but as Virgin/EMI UK started pressing these sort of promo acetate CD-R by 1998, I put it as a yet TBC date.

BTW, the numbers below 'EMI Music Publishing' is not a catalogue number but the phone of the EMI HQ in London.


11 Junio 2012, 0:37:49
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...in the beginning there was sound...

 The only one that I've ever seen befor was in eBay. It ended by clouds...

11 Junio 2012, 1:02:23
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I quote myself in the general forum MOWD:

zaradeth dijo:

A ver que opina el personal de esto:

¿Cómo se mete esto? ¿Que año le pongo?

Por cierto, me he quedado flipado cuando lo he metido en el Winamp ¡y ya lo tenía registrado!


6 Mayo 2010, 23:07:08

And it was so sky high, but also I would have taken me.

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11 Junio 2012, 17:06:28


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