Tubualr Bells - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra vienen a España
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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has begun recording a fiftieth anniversary production of Tubular Bells. The Sound Engineer Simon Allen has posted some more details on his Facebook page: "There are many talented names involved in this project so watch this space, but we've completed the orchestral parts during some wonderful sessions at Henry Wood Hall, London this week. It was a pleasure working with arranger and conductor Simon Dobson for this special project by Kaleidoscope. I'm immensely proud to be involved and have my colleague Andreas Georgallis assisting me with production. Thanks also to James Korniej." There are also some photos available at https://www.facebook.com/sithemusicguy/posts/7126258047392248


You'll know that Robin Smith's arrangement of Tubular Bells was performed at the Royal Festival Hall last year. He has now posted the studio recording of the work, where he "tried to shine a true light on Mike's magical composition full of character and beautiful melodies". You can stream the recording from: https://www.facebook.com/sithemusicguy/posts/7126258047392248


Kaleidoscope films will release a behind-the-scenes film from those London shows later this year. Narrated by Bill Nighy, the documentary will include interviews, the full live show and a short documentary feature. Read more here: https://kaleidoscopefilmdistribution.com/films/tubular-bells-50th-anniversary-tour-documentary


There are plans to continue the tour, with Spain being touted as the next destination. More will follow on this as soon as it is announced.


Finally, if you fancy a great live show featuring Mike's music, Tubular Bells Live Tribute Band is playing this Sunday 16th Jan at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds and Saturday 22nd Jan at The Stables in Milton Keynes! Tickets via www.tubularbellslive.com/tour


You can support this not-for-profit service from Dark Star Magazine by purchasing Mike Oldfield magazines, books, rare collectables and downloads from our online shop: https://www.mikeoldfield.org/shop


There is currently no other news from Mike, but we will be back in touch as soon as there are any developments. Best wishes to you for 2022!

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10 Enero 2022, 13:27:45
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 Estaría bastante bien tener una nueva versión del TB orquestal. La original está descatalogada, no? O al menos no se remasterizó...

12 Enero 2022, 1:02:22
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El OTB se remasterizó en el año 2000 por Simon Heyworth, dentro de la serie de remasterizaciones HDCD.

Lo que no tuvo fue nueva mezcla bahameña.


12 Enero 2022, 8:08:58
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 ¿Sí? Es que no me sonaba haberlos visto por tiendas, de ahí mi duda.

Siempre me ha dado la impresión de ser un disco peor tratado que los recopilatorios...


12 Enero 2022, 16:30:00


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