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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Portsmouth Polydor 7" FRA 103134 1977 Green label, 3. Edition
view Skuggornas Tjuvstart Love Records LP SWE LRLP219 1977 Finnish press for Swedish market
view The Mathematician... Virgin LP UK V2084 1977 Green label with twins
view The William Tell ... Phonogram 7" BRA 6079201 1977 Blue label. Promo, red PVC sleeve
view Tubular Bells Phonogram LP ARG 9124126 1977 Green Label with twins
view Boxed Dischi Ricordi LP ITA AORL48509 1978 4LP, yellow stripe, green-red ...
view Boxed Dischi Ricordi LP ITA AORL48509 1978 4LP. Green-red label. No bookl...
view Boxed Virgin LP UK VBOX1 1978 4LP No-SOC Green-red labels+bo...
view Children Of The Sun Transatlantic LP UK TRA176 1978 TRA176A1E Children PS
view Hergest Ridge Dischi Ricordi LP ITA VIL12013 1978 green-red label
view Hergest Ridge Virgin LP USA VI2013 1978 apricot label
view Hergest Ridge Virgin LP SWE V2013 1978 green red label
view Hergest Ridge Virgin CASSETTE UK TCV2013 1978 Grey MC with red written
view Incantations Virgin LP UK VDT101 1978 The sea label
view Incantations Dischi Ricordi LP ITA AVIL21101 1978 2LP, art label
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