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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Children Of The Sun Guimbarda LP ES 30111041 1979 Transatlantic Label
view Children Of The Sun Guimbarda LP ES GS11041W 1979 Children PS. Ocre label, brown...
view Exposed Virgin LP UK VD2511 1979 2LP, White art label. Quadro, ...
view Guilty Virgin 12" UK VS24512 1979 White Label. Blue vinyl
view Guilty Ariola Eurodisc 7" D 100439100 1979 Green-red label. Big center hole
view Guilty Victor Musical In... 7" JAP VIP2749 1979 Green-red label
view Guilty Vadeca Jc Donas 7" POR VV45002ES 1979 Blue label. Yellow vinyl
view Guilty Virgin 7" NL 101009 1979 Red-green label
view Hergest Ridge Phonogram LP ARG 6044 1979 Green label with twins.
view Live Extract From... Virgin 12" D 600115213 1979 Green-red label
view North Star / Plat... Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES A101468 1979 Blue label
view Platinum Virgin LP UK V2141 1979 V2141B2 Art label: drop on blue, plays...
view Strange Man Chang... Radarscope LP UK RAD17 1979 Designed/green label. Inner sl...
view Airborn Virgin LP USA VA13143 1980 2LP White labels
view Arrival Virgin 7" UK VS374 1980 Green-red label
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