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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Pictures In The Dark Virgin Spain 7" ES A107850 1985 Green-Red Label
view The Complete Virgin Spain LP ES XL302678 1985 2LP FOC Art label: the swallow
view The Complete Virgin Spain 12" ES VP020 1985 Green-red label. Promo
view Boxed Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES XX58264 1987 Black 4MC in cardboard longbox...
view Incantations Virgin Spain LP ES 300193XD 1987 2LP Art label: the sea, EUROGRAM
view Islands Virgin Spain LP ES LL208650 1987 Yellow art label
view Islands Virgin Spain 12" ES F609351 1987 green-red labels
view Islands Virgin Japan LP JAP VJL28006 1987 blue obi
view The Complete Virgin CD UK CDMOC1 1987 2CD in thick jewel case, reissue
view The Killing Fields Virgin CASSETTE UK OVEDC183 1988 SOC
view Earth Moving Virgin Spain LP ES LL209982 1989 green/red Virgin labels
view Earth Moving Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES ML409982 1989 black MC
view Innocent Virgin 7" D 112383100 1989 Silver label. 3:30 version
view One Glance Is Holy Virgin 7" D 112761100 1989 Silver label
view Amarok Virgin Spain LP ES LL210707 1990 green/red Virgin labels
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