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view Tubular Bells Virgin CASSETTE AUS VC2001 1980 white tape blue printing
view Wonderful Land Virgin 7" UK VS387 1980 Green-red label
view Wonderful Land Cbs 7" AUS MX194323 1980 Promo, no PS
view Wonderful Land Ariola Eurodisc 7" D 102865100 1980 Green-red label
view Joy Virgin LP UK V2217 1981 white label with black square
view Joy Virgin LP UK OVED200 1981 Green / red label
view Mike And Sally Ol... Happy Bird CASSETTE D MB990096 1981 black MC, orange sticker
view Mike And Sally Ol... Happy Bird LP D 90096 1981
view Mike And Sally Ol... Love Records LP USA USLP11101 1981
view Mike Oldfield's W... Ariola Benelux LP NL 203550 1981 Green / Red label 1 Edition
view Ommadawn / Platinum Virgin CASSETTE NZL TCVD5005 1981 white MC, black printing
view Platinum Jugoton LP YU LSVIRG7... 1981 green-red label, PS
view The Consequences ... Happy Bird LP NL 90133 1981 orange label, black prints
view The Singles Victor Musical In... 12" JAP VIP5905 1981 Art label: Mike-Portrait. Pin...
view Family Man Virgin 7" UK VSY489 1982 Picture-Disc. Mike solo picture
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