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view Crime Of Passion Virgin 7" D 106102100 1983 Silver label
view Crime Of Passion Virgin 7" AUS MX203749 1983 WLP
view Crime Of Passion Emi 12" GRE 062VG2008Z 1983 Green-red label
view Crises Pickwick CASSETTE UK VVIPC116 1983 black MC
view Crises Virgin CASSETTE D 405500 1983 black MC, white printing
view Crises Virgin CASSETTE UK TCVIP118 1983 reissue by Virgin VIP, transpa...
view Crises Polarvox LP FIN V2262 1983 Picture labels (Crises moon)
view Crises Virgin LP SWE V2262 1983 The moon / black label
view Crises General Music LP ISR BAN2262 1983 White / black label
view Crises Polarvox CASSETTE FIN TCV2262 1983 Made in Finland
view Hergest Ridge Virgin LP D 88134270 1983 Green-Red label, XOT on label
view Incantations Virgin LP D 300193420 1983 Art label
view Mistake Polygram 7" CAN VS1168 1983 Dark green label. No PS
view Moonlight Shadow Virgin 12" D 600928213 1983 Green-red label. Only Gema and...
view Moonlight Shadow Virgin 7" FRA 105390 1983 Green label
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