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view Children Of The Sun Warner Bros LP USA WS1783 1968 WLP FOC Original photo PS
view Mike Oldfield Single Virgin 7" UK VS101 1974 Black-white Dean label. Reissu...
view Tubular Bells Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 87541I 1974 Coloured twins Dean label
view In Dulci Jubilo Ariola Benelux 7" NL 16655AT 1975 White Dean label. No play time...
view In Dulci Jubilo Virgin 7" UK VS131 1975 Black-white Dean label. No PS....
view Ommadawn Virgin LP UK V2043 1975 Fawn mauve dean label. Robor
view The Orchestral Tu... Virgin LP UK V2026 1975 Green label with twins in circle
view V Virgin LP UK VD2502 1975 Coloured Dean label
view Portsmouth Cpf 7" FRA 640093 1976 White Dean label. 1. Edition
view Instructions For ... Virgin LP UK V2090 1977 green label with twins, PS
view Hergest Ridge Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 88134I 1978 Green-red label
view Incantations Virgin LP UK VDT101 1978 The sea label
view Tubular Bells Virgin LP UK VP2001 1978 Picture-disc. Plays no aircraf...
view Blue Peter Virgin 7" UK VS317 1979 A3 Green-red label
view Exposed Virgin LP UK VD2511 1979 2LP, White art label. Quadro, ...
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