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view Tubular Bells Nippon Columbia LP JAP YQ7005VR 1973 Coloured dean label. Obi. Bio ...
view Hergest Ridge Cpf LP FRA 840044 1974 'The New Mike Oldfield' WOC. c...
view Tubular Bells Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 87541I 1974 Coloured Dean Label. Exorcist ...
view Tubular Bells Cpf LP FRA 840018 1974 SOC, White Dean label
view Exposed Virgin LP D 3005763... 1979 2LP,SOC,FOC
view Platinum Dischi Ricordi LP ITA VIL12141 1979 VIL12141 art drop label
view Qe2 Victor Musical In... LP JAP VIP6971 1981 WLP Obi. Bio/lyrics insert
view Five Miles Out Yeheum Records LP KOR YVPL048 1982 art label: the plane, insert
view Ommadawn Victor Musical In... LP JAP VIP4148 1982 green label with twins, two in...
view Crime Of Passion Virgin 7" D 106102100 1983 Silver label
view Moonlight Shadow Virgin 12" FRA 600928A... 1983 Green-red Label. Promo SOC
view Qe2 Ariola Eurodisc LP D 202967320 1983 lifebelt art label
view Shadow On The Wall Virgin 7" D 105780100 1983 Silver label
view Tubular Bells Yeheum Records LP KOR YVPL017 1983 green-red label, insert SOC
view The Killing Fields Virgin France LP FRA 70301PM262 1984 M6347999 PS,La Déchirure,Green/Red Label
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