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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Crises Virgin CD UK CDV2262 1983 Pale blue CD. no barcode
view Tubular Bells Virgin CD UK CDV2001 1983 Pale blue CD
view Discovery Virgin CD D CDV2308 1984 blue CD, black printing, 1. Ed.
view Hergest Ridge Virgin CD UK CDV2013 1984 silver CD, black printing. No ...
view Exposed Virgin CD JAP CDVD2511 1985 2CD thick jewel case (ed for E...
view Incantations Virgin CD UK CDVDT101 1985 Silver CD, black printing.
view Ommadawn Virgin CD UK CDV2043 1985 silver CD black printing, no b...
view Platinum Virgin CD D CDV2141 1985 silver CD, black printing; no ...
view Qe2 Virgin CD D CDV2181 1985 silver CD, black printing
view The Killing Fields Virgin CD UK CDV2328 1985 blue CD, with barcode
view The Orchestral Tu... Virgin CD UK CDV2026 1986 silver CD, black printing 1....
view Tubular Bells Toshiba / Emi CD JAP 32VD1010 1986 silver-black CD, blue obi, inf...
view Five Miles Out Virgin CD AUT CDV2222 1987 blue CD, black printing
view Islands Virgin CD UK CDV2466 1987 silver CD, black printing
view Platinum Virgin CD AUT CDV2141 1987 silver cd black printing
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