Incantations (53346334)

Universal Music
European Union

Limited with signed print. 2LP FOC
Limited edition with additional print signed by Mike Oldfield.
500 copies only.

A1 Incantations Part One (Remastered Stereo Mix) 19:11
B1 Incantations Part Two (Remastered Stereo Mix) 19:34
C1 Incantations Part Three (Remastered Stereo Mix) 16:58
D1 Incantations Part Four (Remastered Stereo Mix) 16:57

Incantations part 4 contained short "glitch" in sound at approx 12:38 which was enough that new master was made for disc 2. Universal has given opportunity to ask replacement disc for existing purchase so new version of disc2 doesnt have that glitch anymore.

Universal vinyl replacement matrix numbers for disc2:

original disc:
side3: 93794E3/B
side4: 93794E4/C

replacement disc:
side3: 93794E3/C
side4: 93794E4/H


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