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Remember these two beautiful songs? Who doesn't? fröhlich

By any chance, have you read "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown or seen the film?

The thing is that in the book, the author explains that Mary Magalene and Jesus Christ moved "TO FRANCE" (after Jesus Christ Resurrection) between the Languedoc and Provence area. Most people say they've been to a small town called Saints Maries de la Mer. It's commonly said that Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ had a child, a baby girl named Sarah or... "MOLLY"

Check this out:

According to the book Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ and was in fact pregnant with his child at the time of his crucifiction. The absence of a chalice in the painting supposedly indicates that Leonardo knew that Mary Magdalene was actually the Holy Grail (the bearer of Jesus' blood). This is said to be reinforced by the letter "M" that is created with the bodily positions of Jesus, Mary, and the male apostle (Saint Peter) upon whom she is leaning. The apparent absence of the "Apostle John", under this interpretation, is explained by identifying John as "the Disciple Jesus loved", allegedly code for Mary Magdalene (see also Second Apocalypse of James). The book also notes that the color scheme of their garments is exactly inverted: Jesus wears a red blouse with royal blue cape; John/Mary wears a royal blue blouse with red cape — perhaps symbolizing two bonded halves of marriage. (This interpretation is rejected by almost all art historians).

According to the novel, the secrets of the Holy Grail, as kept by the Priory of Sion, are as follows:

*The Holy Grail is not a physical chalice, but a woman, namely Mary Magdalene, who carried the bloodline of Christ.

*The Old French expression for the Holy Grail, San gréal, actually is a play on Sang réal, which literally means "royal blood" in Old French.

*The Grail relics consist of the documents that testify to the bloodline, as well as the actual bones of Mary Magdalene.

*The Grail relics of Mary Magdalene were hidden by the Priory of Sion in a secret crypt, perhaps beneath Rosslyn Chapel.

*The Church has suppressed the truth about Mary Magdalene and Jesus' bloodline for 2000 years. This is principally because they fear the power of the sacred feminine, which they have demonized as Satanic.

*Mary Magdalene was of royal descent (through the Jewish House of Benjamin) and was the wife of Jesus, of the House of David. That she was a prostitute was a slander invented by the Church to obscure their true relationship. At the time of the Crucifixion, she was pregnant. After the Crucifixion, she fled to Gaul, where she was sheltered by the Jews of Marseille. She gave birth to a daughter, named Sarah. The bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene became the Merovingian dynasty of France.

*The existence of the bloodline was the secret that was contained in the documents discovered by the Crusaders after they conquered Jerusalem in 1099 (see Kingdom of Jerusalem). The Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar were organized to keep the secret.

*The Mona Lisa is actually a self-portrait by Leonardo as a woman. The androgyny reflects the sacred union of male and female which is implied in the holy union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Such parity between the cosmic forces of masculine and feminine has long been a deep threat to the established power of the Church. The name Mona Lisa is actually an anagram for "Amon L'Isa", referring to the father and mother gods of Ancient Egypt (namely Amon and Isis).

Sir Leigh Teabing explictly states that the biblical account of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is "victor's history", that is, it is written to corroborate the power position of the Catholic Church which, in the view of Teabing, depends in large part on the suppression of the "sacred feminine". Similar claims would have to be made concerning the "real" religion of ancient Israel which, according to The Da Vinci Code, was headed by Jahwe-Jehova (male) and Shekhinah (female), which found its alleged symbolic expression in the Star of David (Magen David), consisting of two interlocking triangles, which are said to be ancient symobls of male and female. The reference to Shekhina (and not, e.g., Asherah) in this context brings Jewish kabbalah mysticism into the mix, which is featured prominently in U. Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. The reference to the Star of David as a male-female symbol brings in a trace of Hinduism (Shakti, female + Shiva, male = Creation).



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24 Enero 2007, 1:56:10
Unknown Man
Unknown Man
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I'd like to be on renoback

24 Enero 2007, 1:56:59
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piensa hacerlo con todos los discos??

24 Enero 2007, 1:57:20
Alberto garcia
Alberto garcia
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trycky dijo:

piensa hacerlo con todos los discos??


No, los que no haya analizado la primera temporada, esta es la segunda.

24 Enero 2007, 1:58:27
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La musica alimenta mi corazón

discos y canciones...que esto no es un disco tio...jujuju dejalo dejalo ay se cansará...xDD maestro amigooo

24 Enero 2007, 1:58:28
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Hey! Molly is very very folleibol!!

24 Enero 2007, 1:59:31
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David-in creo k no te imaginas, lo plasta, cargante, mal educada, pelma, aburrida, obsesiva, degradante, dictatorial,  mal humorante, k es esta tia. (expresado con palabras gentiles)

24 Enero 2007, 2:07:40


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