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view Wonderful Land Ariola Eurodisc 7" NL 102865 1980 Green-red label
view Episodes Virgin CASSETTE FRA 403803 1981 grey MC, black print without l...
view Mike And Sally Ol... Happy Bird LP D 90096 1981
view Mike Oldfield's W... Ariola Eurodisc LP NL 203550 1981 Green red label, 2 edition
view Music Wonderland Virgin LP D 204000502 1981 Green-red label
view The Consequences ... Happy Bird LP NL 90096 1981 red label, white prints
view The Singles Victor Musical In... 12" JAP VIP5905 1981 Art label: Mike-Portrait. Pin...
view Children Of The Sun Transatlantic LP D 8119241 1982 Unique PS. Black & white / col...
view Family Man Virgin 7" UK VSY489 1982 Picture-Disc. Mike solo picture
view Family Man Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B103793 1982 Green-red label. Washable PS. ...
view Family Man Virgin 7" UK VS489 1982 Red label with black parts. So...
view Family Man Polygram 7" CAN VS1141 1982 Grey label. No PS.
view Five Miles Out Ariola Eurodisc LP ES I204500 1982 Art label: the plane
view Five Miles Out Virgin 7" UK VSY464 1982 Picture-Disc
view Five Miles Out Ariola Eurodisc 7" D 103920100 1982 Silver label
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