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view Portsmouth Festival Records Pty 7" AUS K6582 1976 White Dean label. No PS, 1. Ed...
view Portsmouth Rtb Records 7" YU S53973 1976 Black-white Dean-label
view Portsmouth Virgin 7" IRL VS163 1976 Black-white Dean label
view Portsmouth Ariola Eurodisc 7" D 17422AT 1976 Black-white Dean label, no LC ...
view The Odissey Virgin LP UK V2070 1976 Green label with twins
view The William Tell ... Ariola Benelux 7" NL 17480AT 1976 Blue label
view The William Tell ... Virgin 7" UK VS167 1976 A2B1 blue label, no ps
view Cuckoo Song Virgin 7" UK VS198 1977 Blue label. Small center hole
view Cuckoo Song Ariola Eurodisc 7" D 11779AT 1977 Blue label.
view Keesojen Lehto Love Records LP FIN LRLP219 1977 Original first release
view Portsmouth Polydor 7" FRA 2097914 1977 Blue Label 2. Edition. Black-w...
view Boxed Virgin LP UK VBOX1 1978 4LP SOC green-red labels booklet
view Boxed Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 28009XF 1978 4LP green-red labels. No Booklet
view Hergest Ridge Virgin LP USA VI2013 1978 apricot label
view Ommadawn Virgin LP USA VI2043 1978 apricot label
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