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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Crime Of Passion Virgin Spain 7" ES 106102A 1984 Green-red label
view Discovery Virgin Spain LP ES T206300 1984 Blue art label
view Discovery Virgin LP D 206300 1984 Art label: Blue / white printing
view Incantations Virgin LP FRA 60005PM525 1984 Green-red label. Misprinted
view The Killing Fields Virgin LP UK V2328 1984 green/red Virgin labels
view Tricks Of The Light Virgin Spain 7" ES A106813 1984 Green-Red Label
view The Complete Virgin Spain LP ES XL302678 1985 2LP FOC Art label: the swallow
view The Orchestral Tu... Virgin Spain LP ES E88559 1986 Green-red label. Polygram Ibérica
view Incantations Virgin Spain LP ES 300193XD 1987 2LP Art label: the sea, EUROGRAM
view Islands Virgin Spain LP ES LL208650 1987 Yellow art label
view Earth Moving Virgin Spain LP ES LL209982 1989 green/red Virgin labels
view Amarok Virgin Spain LP ES LL210707 1990 green/red Virgin labels
view Heaven's Open Virgin LP ES 211294 1991 green/red Virgin labels
view Tubular Bells 2 Wea LP D 4509906181 1992 Purple WEA-Label. 2. Ed.
view The Best Of Mike ... Virgin LP UK 7243839... 1993 VTLP18A... Blue-white label. SOC
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